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Creating & inspiring the next generation of developers & designers

Learn from the best and launch a new path through gSchool's immersive developer training programs, or gain an edge with a gSchool workshop.


Creating & inspiring the next generation of developers & designers

Learn from the best and launch a new path through gSchool's immersive developer training programs, or gain an edge with a gSchool workshop.

Immersive Full Time

We turn smart, driven beginners into marketable, contributing members of development teams over the course of our 24-week long developer training programs. Our full stack curriculum includes Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Javascript, CSS3,  HTML5,  Responsive Design, Database, APIs, Version Control, and Test Driven Development - but our main focus is Rails.

gSchool San Francisco 2014/2015

gSchool Boulder 2014/2015

Part Time 

Whether you wish to develop web pages using HTML5 and CSS3 or create graphic designs using Adobe Photoshop, gSchool provides workshops available for working professionals to build a strong foundation using these skills. These workshops tend to be around 2 hours, twice a week, giving you time to work outside of class applying the techniques on your own projects. 

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The Team


The Team


Levi Cook

Levi is an all purpose startup engineer and Go language advocate. He has founded and led software companies for the last 5 years. Before that, Levi spent 10 years leading development teams and projects in a wide variety of problem domains. He's obsessed with making software development predictable and dependable. Throughout his career, Levi has led and organized technology meetups and instructional workshops.


Jeff Dean

Jeff Dean has over 10 years of experience writing software and leading development teams. He recently joined the Galvanize team, and will be teaching the next gSchool program in Boulder.


Kinsey Durham

Kinsey runs Women Who Code Colorado, is an Outreach Coordinator for Railsbridge, and is also an open source contributor. She’s a frequent speaker at Ruby conferences, including RubyConf and RubyConf Australia, and loves encouraging people to get into programming. She hails from thoughtbot's apprentice program in Denver.


Mike Gehard

Mike Gehard has been creating winning software and leading development teams across many different industries for 15 years. His passion is writing great software and teaching others how to do the same. Mike will not only teach you the latest technologies behind web development; he’ll teach you how to think and execute like a software developer.


Hunter Gillane

Hunter is a full-stack web developer and an instructor in the Denver program. A Pivotal Labs alumnus, he is excited to share his experience with students and help them not only learn how to write software but to have fun doing it.


Cory LaNou

Cory LaNou is a full stack web developer with over 15 years of experience.  He has recently become very involved in the Go community and hosts the local meetup group in Denver.  Following many years of being a successful serial entrepreneur, he will be co-leading a gSchool class focused around the Go development language.


Matthew Leach

Matthew Leach ( has been teaching design and web development at the collegiate level since 2001, and has written four textbooks on web design. He has also been recognized by Adobe as an Education Leader since 2012 and is always finding more efficient ways to help people become more comfortable designing and building on the changing environment of the web.


Lauren Mosenthal

Lauren is a creative developer with a passion for Ruby and Javascript.  Since starting her career in the technology space, she has worked on both start ups and large brands including Audi, Jordan, Activision and Dunkin' Donuts.  She loves to build products and mentor others so they develop the skills to transform their ideas into reality.


Ellie Schneiders 

Ellie is a recent gSchool graduate and psyched to be apart of the Galvanize team. She is passionate about helping others move forward in becoming software developers as well as in continuing to grow as a developer herself. Ellie earned her B.S. in Applied Math and then worked for the New York Stock Exchange for four years before joining gSchool.


Jeff Taggart

Jeff’s a senior developer and with a wide range of experience (from  journal blogs to high throughput, real time bidding platforms) and comes to gSchool from Pivotal Lab’s.  Jeff loves teaching and mentoring new developers, and he is excited to share his passion with gSchool. He'll be instructing the Denver class starting in June.